Katadyn Group

Lost in the Swell : une aventure soutenue par Katadyn, Optimus et Pharmavoyage

December 15, 2013

"Lost in the Swell" is the name of the adventure project by three Breton surfers Ewen, Ronan and Aurel. Aboard the small ecological trimarin, Gwalaz, the three young people are in the outlying Solomon Islands for three months searching for undiscovered waves and authentic experiences. Their travels are taking them to the untouched islands of Malaita and San Cristobal where people who have never seen a white man still live today. The threesome’s adventures on the islands and at sea are being filmed for the popular French show THALASSA on channel FR3. It is scheduled to be aired on Jan. 24, 2014. Katadyn France has supported the project with an Optimus Nova multifuel stove, Optimus cookware, a Katadyn Combi water filter, and impregnated mosquito nets and insect repellent from Pharmavoyage.

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