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One woman crosses four deserts with Trek'n Eat Meals

June 20, 2012

One woman crosses four deserts with Trek'n Eat Meals

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld has very ambitious plans for 2012: She wants to run through the world’s four largest deserts. In March she traveled to Chile to the Atacama Desert. Six days and 250 kilometers (155 miles) later, she was the first woman to reach the finish line with an overall place of 13th in the first of the race’s four desert stages. Hearty congratulations to Anne-Marie Flammersfeld for this incredible achievement. Participants in the „4Deserts“ race put on by the „Racing the Planet“ organization are totally self-sufficient during the event. They carry all of their own gear and food. Water and a tent for sleeping are already set out and prepared for participants. In the Atacama Desert Anne-Marie Flammersfeld relied completely on freeze-dried meals from Trek’n Eat. With about 600 calories per package, the carefully prepared meals are well-suited for the high energy needs of performance athletes. Anne-Marie Flammersfeld was enthusiastic about her Trek’n Eat dishes and found her tentmates were quite envious of her „Swiss Premium Food.“ As of June 10, 2012, there was again sand under the feet of the sport scientist. She has been running through the windy Gobi Desert in China, a race with seven stages, each covering between 30 and 40 kilometers a day, and achieved the incredible 4th place! Again the athletes had to be be self-sufficient, and Anne-Marie Flammersfeld again filled her backpack with Trek’n eat. Meals. The 33-year-old extreme athlete is raising awareness for the Paulchen Esperanza Foundation, which champions the interests of disadvantaged children in developing and threshold countries. For Flammersfeld, the Sahara Desert in Egypt is next up in October, leading up to the finale of the series in November in Antarctica.

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