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New Aquafides Reference Radiometer

January 15, 2012

New Aquafides Reference Radiometer

The accuracy of the readings provided by certified UV systems must be regularly checked during ongoing operation on the basis of comparative measurements using reference radiometers. According to the SVGW Guidelines W13, the frequency of verification of the system sensor by reference radiometer depends on the flow rate. For UV systems with a flow rate exceeding 100 cubic meters per hour (m3/h), minimum one monthly check is recommended. With a flow rate of less than 100m3/h, a meaningful checking interval would be every half-year. The Aquafides reference radiometer is characterized by its rugged design with a protective rubber sheath. It can be powered by an accumulator or a conventional 9-volt battery. The 160° reference sensor can be used for all ÖNORM-tested UV systems. The Aquafides reference radiometer comes with a convenient case with accumulator and charging unit. The unit is available directly from Aquafides.

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