Katadyn Group

Chemical water treatment

Silver ions are attracted to bacteria by polar absorption. After penetrating the cell membrane, the ions damage the bacteria's DNA, thus preventing further multiplication. The bacteria's respiratory system is attacked and blocked, causing a chain reaction, and as a result the bacteria die. 

Chlorine is the most commonly used substance for water treatment worldwide. It works quickly and has a broad range of applications. Chlorine, however,  is not suitable for conservation and must be applied in the correct dosage. 

Iodine, like chlorine, is a halogen and has a similar spectrum of activity. While it is more pH-independent and more readily storable than chlorine, it is not quite as potent and therefore has a slightly longer contact time. Without an activated carbon post-filter, iodine leaves the water with an unpleasant taste. To eliminate the disadvantages of iodine, Katadyn only uses iodine with an activated carbon post-filter.