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Production of UVC lamps in Switzerland kicks off successfully

March 15, 2014

Recently, the production of UVC lamps for our AQUAFIDES UVC Systems moved to our Katadyn headquarters in Switzerland. After an intensive period of installation and system adjustment, we could start production successfully. The Katadyn Group produces UV lights for its own systems as well as replacement lamps for all well-known brands. All orders and inquiries for UVC lamps should be sent directly to Harry Luchsinger, Aquafides Schweiz AG:



Harry Luchsinger
International Sales Manager
Pfäffikerstrasse 37
8310 Kemptthal
Tel +41 44 835 22 02 (direkt)
Tel +41 44 829 21 11 (Zentrale)
E-Mail harry.luchsinger@aquafides.ch

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