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Distribution of 200 drinking water filters at the Ban Hua Samran school near Krasang, Thailand

March 01, 2011

Locally made gravitation filter with Katadyn ceramic filter elements

On Wednesday, January 26, Rtn. Gerti, Rtn. Gerda, Rtn. Joy, Incoming President Carl and PP Marliese drove to Krasang to distribute 200 drinking water filters at the Ban Hua Samran school.  

As always, we were given a warm welcome by PP Peter, RC Krasang, and his wife Rtn. Nitaya, RCES member, and taken to our new accommodation in Krasang.  

On Thursday morning we drove to the school, where the teachers, children and parents were already waiting for us. Following instructions from Rtn. Joy and Rtn. Nit, some of the older schoolchildren enthusiastically helped to put the filters together. Rtn. Gerti also found it lots of fun. 

With tremendous help from the teachers and pupils, the 200 filters were ready after a good hour, and Incoming President Carl and Rtn. Nit explained how the filters work to the interested parents.  

We were then able to start distributing them. This was also brilliantly organized by the teachers, meaning that we had already distributed the full 200 drinking water filters by 11:30 a.m. The parents then arranged themselves in a semicircle for a group photo. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter and PP Mario from district 2000 CH and all Swiss Rotarians who made this great project possible.  

We were then invited for a fantastic lunch prepared with lots of love by the school’s cooks. We thanked all our helpers for their great work and warm hospitality.  

We were asked by the teachers of the nearby kindergarten whether we had a few water filters for the little ones and, as it was “just around the corner”, we drove there. Here, too, we were given a warm welcome. The children were having their afternoon nap, so we took a quick look around.  Everything was very clean and well cared for, and as we had a few spare drinking water filters with us, we were happy to comply with their request. 

The kitchen and the dining area are sparkling clean! And the kindergarten staff beamed when we gave them five drinking water filters! 

We then drove on to Pittayacom school. We had already handed out 50 water filters in November with PDG Walter and PP Mario from district 2000 CH! As we had brought three filters too few at the time, we handed these over to them and were able to see how well the filters work in all the classrooms.

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