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Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education is a non-profit organization that creates lifelong passion for experiencing and protecting the Colorado Plateau. Since 1984, the Monticello, UT organization has engaged all ages and backgrounds through adventure, education, service.

With a multidisciplinary approach, Four Corners School is different. We don't just advocate, teach and have fun; we inspire youth to advocate; teach teachers to learn from nature; run rivers, build trails, educate and empower Navajo Youth; and drive regional economic development by building a world-class outdoor education campus and visitors center. Having adventures outside is a place to start, but we take adventure further to create lifelong learners and stewards.

Four Corners School operates four programs to build the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and protect the Colorado Plateau.

1. Canyon Country Youth Corps (CCYC) provides primarily Navajo youth with education, employment, life skills, and leadership training while at the same time restoring natural resources and camping out for 4 to 24 weeks at a time.

“If it was not for the CCYC, I don’t know where I would be now. I have graduated high school, and I am living drug free.” Participant of CCYC

2. Bioregional Outdoor Education Project (BOEP) empowers teachers to use the Colorado Plateau as an educational resource, inspiring kids to discover the land and become lifelong active learners.

“Students became versed in the landscapes and inhabitants of the Colorado Plateau through the work of talented teachers, creating a common language for the school community…” BOEP Principal

3. Southwest Ed-Ventures blends learning and adventure for exciting guides trips across the rivers and red-rock vistas of the Colorado Plateau.

“Wonderful & Knowledgeable instructors. Fantastic camp meals. Well prepared and accommodating for our “age”. SWED participant

4. Canyon Country Discover Center is Four Corner's School's initiative to build a regional visitors, research and education center in Monticello, UT. This 21,635 square foot facility will house all of our programs and provide services to the more than 2 million visitors that pass through our region annually.

“I felt you should know that you had an extremely competent crew on that trip and that I thought they were extremely professional, competent and discerning. It was a pleasure being on that trip with them.” Summer Science Camp participant

Four Corners School is grateful for the generous support of Katadyn USA and trusts their products to ensure all of our participants have fun and stay safe in challenging environments.

Backcountry programs are equipped with Katadyn water bottles, Katadyn Drip Gravidyn water filters, and Micropur tablets.

Portable Katadyn Pocket water filter supply youth, teachers, and students with safe drinking water wherever they are.

Crews also use Optimus stoves and fuel bottles in the backcountry on river restoration and trail maintenance projects.