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Crypto Outbreak in Sweden

décembre 06, 2010

Safe water with Katadyn Combi Plus

An unfortunate reminder that clear water is not always safe.  This has been a painful experience in the Swedish town of Östersund close to the pristine Scandinavian wilderness. A recent outbreak of Cryptosporidium in municipal water has sickened thousands of citizens. Again we’re reminded of how vulnerable our modern infrastructure is. We hope our Swedish friends will get safe water back soon, and in the meantime we recommend that they filter tap water using Katadyn Water Filters.




Swedish customers are asked to please contact our partners in Sweden for further information:

Katadyn Scandinavia
Terravon AB
Staffan Rönn
P.O. Box 1343
181 25 Lidingö
Phone: +46 8 636 25 64
Email: staffan.ronn@katadyn.se

Roswi AB
Tillverkägen 10 B
P.O. Box 7231
187 13 Täby
Phone: +46 8 505 665 00
Email: info@roswi.se
Website: www.roswi.se

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