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Katadyn water filters have significant benefits over UV “pen devices”

septembre 24, 2009

Katadyn EPA proven Bottle water filter

Katadyn EPA proven Bottle water filter

Water systems that utilize UltraViolet technology are starting to be sold in Outdoor Retail stores.  They have the benefit of being small in size.  However, as product owners and testing facilities have discovered, they do not perform well in many outdoor conditions.  They do not remove particles like water filters do, so the water is not comfortable to drink.  More important, they do not kill microorganism to EPA standards if there is dirt in the water.  Additionally, they do not include carbon, thus cannot remove chemicals from water or improve taste like some water filters do.  The conclusion of knowledgeable water experts is that, while UV systems are OK to treat clean water, they do not perform adequately in variable conditions that are found outdoors.

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