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Katadyn goes full steam ahead

juillet 14, 2009

The Katadyn Group increased its sales (turnover) in 2008 by 13.3 percent to CHF 37.2m (2007: CHF 32.9m). Katadyn North America even boosted its revenue by 19.9 percent from a year ago. The Group’s operating profit rose by 22.9 percent to CHF 5.9m (2007: CHF 4.8m). Demand is especially brisk for the ceramic filters “Made in Switzerland”. Quite obviously, people want outstanding quality even when the economic times get rough.

Despite the more difficult market situation as a result of the higher raw materials prices and the exchange loss due to the weak U.S. dollar, 2008 was a record year for the Katadyn Group. The ceramic filters made a particularly important contribution to the total Group result. From Mexico, we received a large contract for drip filters. They are being applied in the Chiapas region together with additional, carefully matched measures. The goal is to reduce the incidence of disease and mortality among the native population.

Sales of portable water filters such as the Katadyn Pocket or Combi exceeded the budget targets by a wide margin. Growth was especially sharp in the U.S., Germany, and Asia, where portable ceramic filters for outdoor use saw a considerable increase in popularity.

Another encouraging development for the Group was the integration of the Optimus brand, which was acquired in 2007. The stoves are now being continuously further developed, and production in Sweden and Asia is in full swing in order to improve the ability to deliver.

In addition, the internationalization of the Trek’n Eat brand is showing highly positive results. The rise in demand was particularly sharp for the “Emergency Food” product range, which has been specially designed for times of crisis.

Expectations and outlook

To date, the depressing economic news hardly appears to be affecting the volume of orders received by Katadyn, and the Group has got off to a good start in 2009. The only Katadyn unit that has clearly suffered a setback is Plastics, where the third-party business has declined appreciably. However, it has been possible to utilize the drop in these capacities for Katadyn’s own production purposes.

Nonetheless, it is essential to identify the signals of the economic crisis at an early stage and to take the appropriate action. The sails have therefore been set to navigate also stormy seas. As the market leader in the field of individual water treatment systems, Katadyn is greatly challenged and will invest selectively in the development of innovative solutions. Katadyn continues to be committed to Switzerland as the production site for manufacturing its water treatment products. The Swiss company places rigorous demands on its production operations in order to meet the rise in demand while at the same time satisfying the increased expectations for environmentally beneficial production.


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