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Freshen up your drinking water tank

juillet 15, 2013

certinox® TankFrisch provides a neutral smell and pure taste

Mörfelden-Walldorf, May 2013: Summer is here and the holidays are around the corner.  Your mobile home allows you to reach the ideal places practically in no time.  For guaranteed enjoyment, we recommend that you give your drinking water tank a dose of freshness. The reason: During times of high outside temperatures, drinking water can warm up quickly, leading to unpleasant smells.  With certinox® TankFrisch you can quickly rinse your drinking water tank to be sure of a fresh taste.

Be careful of the heat
If the water remains a long time in the tank in hot weather, bacteria and algae multiply rather quickly.  Stale, warmed-up water in particular forms the perfect breeding ground. Insufficient ventilation helps this process even further.  Even before the water changes colour, a musty smell develops which will spread throughout the tank and later on throughout the entire mobile home.

Ensuring fresh water
Before your journey starts, we recommend that you dissolve certinox® TankFrisch in water (for a 25-litre-tank use 250g of certinox® TankFrisch) and pour it into the empty fresh water tank.  Use warm water to avoid lumps forming. To ensure all pipes are rinsed properly, the solution should be circulated 5 to 6 times.

After an exposure time of one to two hours, natural citric acid will strip away deposits of lime and other impurities, thus removing the source of nutrients of bacteria and algae.  Next, drain the solution from the tank and fill it with fresh water.  Due to the citric acid and sodium silver chloride complex in certinox® TankFrisch, a single rinse is enough to clean the tank and clear it of any odours.  Musty flavours and lime deposits will be history.  Reduced wear to the pump will preserve the value of your mobile home and reduce maintenance visits to your garage.


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