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Arved Fuchs’ expedition to northwestern Greenland

April 02, 2012

The German polar explorer and book writer Arved Fuchs has been traveling the frozen Arctic wastelands of Greenland for 33 years. And for years, he has trusted the products of Trek’n Eat and Katadyn on his adventures. The main aim of his current expedition to northwestern Greenland will be to determine the ice thickness on the fjords along the coast. At the northernmost point of the route, the team plans to start an ascent toward the inland ice and then to return southward. During certain periods, the expedition will be accompanied by Greenland natives who will support the team in choosing the route around the critical capes. At the end of May, when the springtime starts in Greenland and snows begins to melt, Arved Fuchs plans to be back with his expedition at his starting point in Qaanaaq. As oftentimes before, the expedition will be traveling by dogsled, the traditional means of transport of the Inughuit. The sleds are built on site by the local people, and the dogs are also bought from the natives and returned to them at the end of the expedition as a gift. Katadyn is proud to support this famous German adventurer with vital and reliable products.

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