Katadyn Group

Millet Expedition Project: 4th Night of the Expeditions

November 10, 2011

Millet Expedition Project and its partners, among which Katadyn France, invite you for a special travel during which you will share the experiences of various expeditions that went around the word: a women’s expedition to Baffin Island, 9 young people on their first expedition to the Kang Yaste, very steep skiing rides in Georgia, Aconcagua within 120 days in an environmentally friendly way, and a first descent of a canyon in Nepal. All these adventurers of all ages, skilled or just in love with nature, will tell you how their expedition dreams became true thanks to the Millet Expedition Project.

Movies and testimonials during this 4th Night of the Expeditions will be shown at the Espace Malraux in Chambéry, France on Saturday 19th of November, at 8:00 p.m. Entrance is free. Tickets available at the Théâtre Malraux, contact@espacemalraux-chambery.fr

More information is available at the Millet Expedition Project website or on the Millet youtube page.

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