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André Hauschke with Peronin at the Cape Epic

April 07, 2011

Peronin at the Cape Epic Race

We have backed André Hauschke, an experienced alpinist and passionate endurance sportsman, once before in 2010 with our liquid food Peronin. That was when he set the world altitude record of 6085 meters for bikes in Chile. His good experiences with this product prompted him again in 2011 to invite us to join his support team during the Cape Epic mountain bike race in South Africa.  

André Hauschke about the Cape Epic race: 

This mountain bike race in South Africa leaves most others behind and is justly reputed to be the world’s toughest race, says Hauschke. Here, true mountain bikers really have the opportunity to test their skills riding up and down mountains: The daily time limit, which depends on the route and profile, is extremely tight and unforgiving in sifting out leisure time bikers who for once have wanted to take part in a race. Thus, it does not take long before the list of bikers who have failed is longer than that of the finishers. This high MTB level is set both for teams and for individual finishers such as I am, who has to complete all the laps alone. Ultimately, achieving the 29th place reflected all the adversities that had to be overcome. But after all, it must also be said that 52 nations and a respectable number of contestants had entered the race. 

Many people ask me what I think of the race and especially its physical stresses as compared with the Transalp race and my world altitude record on bike. Every great goal in sports has its own special challenges and laws. You can only meet them if you tackle them head-on and – going to the limits of your personal performance – if you try honestly to attain your target. It is impossible to compare my world altitude record with this stage race. At high altitudes, I had to deal with entirely different, merciless laws regarding stresses and demands which required more than mere physical fitness. But all races have one thing in common, and I would therefore do a number of things differently next time in the Cape Epic: An enormous amount of preparation is needed if you want to be sure that the whole thing will not fail! 

As far as nutrition is concerned, I will gladly mention my secret weapon again, as I did last time in Chile. Peronin is absorbed lastingly by the body within all but no time and will never fail you even under stresses and extreme conditions. “Wow, what a super powder!” I am also very grateful to Trek´n Eat for their mix of meals, oat snacks, and Peronin!

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