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The Katadyn MyBottle turns swamps into springs

April 20, 2010

The new Katadyn drinking bottle with an integrated three-stage water filter

Katadyn MyBottle virus filter

Katadyn MyBottle

The new MyBottle is really out of the ordinary: In addition to its trendy styling and easy handling, it is an indispensable travel companion thanks to its integrated three-stage water filter – a perfect drinking system satisfying all needs.

Gone are the times when you had to tediously haul along your drinking water provisions on your outdoor trips. The MyBottle virus filter now allows you to prepare pure drinking water in any place and at any time without pumping. The MyBottle is ideal for active people used to moving around autonomously in free Nature. And for people to whom ecologically meaningful solutions are important. Its novel design makes the MyBottle a true eye-catcher. The ergonomically shaped drinking beak with its soft mouthpiece can be easily flipped in and out and is leak-proof. With its convenient lid suspender, the MyBottle is easy to carry or to attach to your backpack.

But it is not only the outer values that make the MyBottle virus filter so attractive – it is especially the inner values that count. The heart of this perfect outdoor drinking system is its new three-stage ViruPur filter medium with integrated glass fiber pre-filter. It removes bacteria and protozoa and retains viruses and minute particles on the basis of electro-kinetic in-depth filtration. Another plus: Its additional active carbon filter improves the taste of the water filtered! No more swampy taste of stale water – here comes the freshness of spring water.

The Katadyn MyBottle with virus filter supplies about 0.2 liters of drinking water per minute and filters up to 100 liters, depending on the water quality. It weighs no more than 260 grams and holds 0.8 liter of water. The bottle is free from BPA, has a neutral taste, and can be washed in a dishwasher. Its filter system does not require any chemicals or batteries. A drinking straw is provided for using the bottle without the water filter if filled with safe drinking water that has already been treated. The MyBottle is available in Switzerland and Germany in outdoor and sports stores in two versions: as a MyBottle virus filter and as a MyBottle drinking bottle. Or you can order online at www.katadynmybottle.com.

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