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Spelt Pack x

Spelt Pack


Spelt is an ancient cereal grain dating back to the bronze age and one of the grain varieties with the highest protein content. It contains a large number of vitamins (E, B-group, folic acid, niacin) and minerals, especially iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. In addition, the vigorous kernel contains high-grade unsaturated fatty acids and no cholesterol. Unsaturated fatty acids are vital constituents for building cell walls and nerves. Spelt creates a long feeling of satiety and is easy to digest. All our spelt products are organically grown. The Emergency Food Spelt Pack consists of 1.2 L cans: 2 x 1000 g Spelt, 2 x 900 g Spelt Semolina, 2 x 750 g Spelt Flour, 2 x 900 g Spelt Cream Soup, 2 x 600 g Spelt Noodles, 2 x 500 g Spelt Flakes. Please note that our Emergency Food packs are currently not available in the United States and in Canada.

Article number: 540000


Calories per day

1'214 kcal

Carton size

Length 43 cm, Width 34 cm, Height 43 cm

Supply quantity

1 carton at approx. 10 kg

Total number of calories

109'275 kcal