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novembre 27, 2013

With Certinox® Frostschutz winter is welcome

The outside temperatures are dropping day by day and winter is right around the corner.  The travel season has ended and your mobile home is ready to take shelter in the winter camp.  But what should you do to ensure that it will not suffer frost damage during the long winter break?  After all, you won’t feel like wasting lots of time repairing frost-induced damage when spring comes.  Certinox® Frostschutz is the perfect remedy and you can start looking forward to your next trip while still in winter.

Mörfelden- Walldorf, November 2013: Extended down times during periods of low winter temperatures often cause frost damage to the pumps, valves and fittings of mobile homes.  This happens because even when you empty fresh water or waste water systems, small quantities of water tend to remain in inaccessible part of the pipes and pumps.  They start by forming mildew in the pipes, which not only causes an unpleasant taste but also recontaminates drinking water, even if filters have been fitted.  The glycol in certinox® FrostSchutz protects water from freezing during the cold period and protects the system from frost damage in temperatures of down to -24°C.

Glycol against frost damage
Tank and pipes should be thoroughly cleaned with certinox® TankRein, after which lime should be removed with certinox® TankFrisch before disinfecting the entire system with certisil® combina.  Once these steps are concluded, put undiluted certinox® FrostSchutz into the cold water pipes.  To achieve this, open the cold water faucet of each tapping point, one after the other, and leave them open until water comes out.  Next, close the faucets again.  The water should now have a slight green tinge.

As certinox® FrostSchutz is unfit for human consumption, it has been coloured green for safety reasons.  This prevents the frost protection agent from inadvertently remaining in the drinking water system in spring.  Glycol guarantees frost protection during winter storage downtime.  Hence, you only need to empty your drinking water system in spring.  If diluted, the solution may be released into the sewerage system, since it is biodegradable.

Rinse the system thoroughly with water until the green colour is no longer visible.

To sufficiently protect the sewage system, you should clean and rinse it with certinox SchleimEx.  Next, empty the tank and pour certinox® Frostschutz into the drain of the sink, wash basin and shower.  This way, all areas that are prone to frost damage will be protected.  Just like with the drinking water system, the solution may be discharged in the spring months.  We recommend you flush out any residue.

It takes just a few steps to protect your mobile home with certinox® Frostschutz over the entire winter.


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