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Now at retail: Optimus Elektra FE Cook System, Crux Lite Piezo Gas Stove and the new Optimus accessories

March 31, 2014

Available now at retail are the new Elektra FE Cook System and the Crux Lite Piezo Gas Stove from Optimus. The Elektra FE Cook System wins you over in particular with its cooking efficiency and compact construction. A “must-have” for weight-shaving enthusiasts who find it important to save time and fuel when cooking. Find out more about how the Optimus Elektra FE Cook System works by watching our product video here. Also hitting the shelves of our specialty dealers all around the world are the new accessories from Optimus that – although small but indeed powerful -- ensure special outdoor cooking experiences. For example, there are the new outdoor spoons with an extra long handle so you can eat your meal even more pleasurably directly from the pouch. With the Sliding Long Spoon and the Folding Ti Long Spoon made of Titanium you’ll certainly never burn a finger again.

 Factsheet Optimus Elektra FE EN (251 kB)
 Factsheet Optimus Crux Lite Piezo EN (181 kB)

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