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Millet Expedition Project: The 2nd Expedition is ready

July 04, 2011

The Millet Expedition Project winner, " Les maillons de la chaîne des Andes " began their journey the past June 9th for a year of adventure. On mountain bikes the young couple will ride from Carthagène in Columbia to Ushuaia in Argentina. Katadyn France is supporting the Millet Expedition Project 2011 with the brands Katadyn, Optimus, and Trek'n Eat.

Voted in the „favorites „ category the expedition „Les maillons de la chaîne des Andes‟ is structured around three main themes: sport, environment and culture.

Florence and Franck, the FF team, leave for a 9000 km winding traverse from 0 to 6000m in altitude. They will not use any motorized means of transportation. They will travel in total autonomy only helped by their faithful "steed" equipped with a trailer.

Besides their cycling escapades they will climb 24 peaks, among which the Uturuncu peak (6008m) that they will attempt to climb on a bike, the Chimborazo (6270m) in Ecuador, the Pisco (5752m) in Peru, for a total of 57 days of climbing on peaks that often reach over 6000m in altitude.

During their journey they will take as often as possible the Qhapaq Nan, an ancient royal Inca route that traverses 6000km over 6 countries (Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chili and Argentina) benefiting in making portions of the route known to mountain bikers. Dotted with historical sites such as pre-Columbian and Inca sites, as well as gems in colonial architecture, this route is rich in culture.

Throughout their adventure they will try and reach out to the local population, some of which have adapted to the westernized world after the Spanish colonization in the 16th century, and others who are descendents of pre- Columbian or Pre-Inca civilizations that have maintained their ancestral way of life. Through them they will try and understand how the locals perceive and adapt to this unique territory found between tropical forests, sparkling mountains, turquoise lagoons and a high plateau dotted with small hamlets isolated from the world, where volcanoes dominate the immense multicolored desert and the endless salt flats...

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