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Triathlete Jacqueline Uebelhart wins the silver medal at the Powerman Duathlon

September 15, 2010

After making it to the sensational 2nd place in the long-range Powerman Duathlon in Austria, the Swiss triathlete Jacqueline Uebelhart also reached the 2nd place at the Duathlon World Championship in Zofingen, Switzerland. The Powerman includes 10 kilometers of running, 150 kilometers of cycling, then another 30 kilometers of running. Jacqueline Uebelhart covered the distance within 7 hours, 32 minutes, and 44 seconds, 12 minutes behind the current world champion Erika Csomor from Hungary. We congratulate Jackie on this fine accomplishment! Jacqueline Uebelhart discovered Peronin as a top-performance sports food a few years ago. Today she says: “One thing is sure for me: I would never take part in any long-distance contest anymore without Peronin.” 

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