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Katadyn Group brands on display at the METS in Amsterdam, Nov 16 - 18

November 10, 2010

Katadyn MyBottle – the perfect little extra for the marine kitchen

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier on shore

The METS is the world’s largest trade exhibition for marine gear and accessories for pleasure boating and small- scale professional navigation. It is being held in Amsterdam from November 16 – 18. The Katadyn Group is proud to be part of the action once again. In addition to the compact and energy-efficient Katadyn watermakers, it will this year present the new Katadyn MyBottle water filter. This new generation water filter has won the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD and is the perfect little extra for the marine kitchen and unforgettable excursions to the shore.

The new Katadyn MyBottle has been on the market for only a short time, but is already revolutionizing drinking water treatment in outdoor applications. The MyBottle supplies pure drinking water anywhere and at any time – quickly and easily, without requiring any pumping and without using any batteries or chemicals. Thanks to its integrated three-stage ViruPur water filter, the MyBottle is the perfect drinking system for active people who are used to moving around autonomously at sea and on shore. The Katadyn MyBottle has been selected this year from over 400 products as winner of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD. It is available in two variants: as MyBottle Purifier and as MyBottle Drinking Bottle. The Optimus stove brand is also proving its innovative power. This year, the company has launched the Optimus Long Spoon, the perfect piece of cutlery matched to the convenient resealable stand-up pouches of Trek’n Eat. These stand-up pouches are highly popular, and the Long Spoon reaches the very last morsels right at the bottom of the pouch. This year, the food designers of Trek’n Eat have created a Couscous with Chicken. As all other Trek’n Eat meals, too, this mouth-watering oriental menu contains neither added preservatives nor added taste enhancers and is available in single or double servings. All Trek’n Eat food has a shelf life of three years.

The Katadyn Group offers dealerships new product videos on the Katadyn MyBottle and on the Optimus Nova and Optimus Crux outdoor stoves. The videos are available in English, German, and French and provide quick and easy-to-understand information on the benefits and applications of the products. Dealerships interested are welcome to apply the videos at their points of sale.

Visit us at the Mets in Hall 5, Booth 315.

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