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Mars500 experiment yields amazing nutritional research results

April 04, 2011

Trek'n Eat freeze-dried food for Mars500

The Mars500 project the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos and the European Space Agency ESA was launched in June 2010. The project simulates a manned flight to Mars. Its purpose is to offer insights into how the physical and mental performance of a person can be maintained under the extreme conditions prevailing during a long space mission. Just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2011, the six plucky Mars500 cosmonauts for the first time after 250 days left their spacecraft and stepped onto the ground of man-made “Mars.” This marks the end of the first phase – the outbound trip – of the world’s first simulated flight to Mars. Katadyn is supporting this ambitious research effort by supplying Trek´n Eat meals. Trek´n Eat products are important foods for conducting studies and were regularly consumed by the cosmonauts on their trip to Mars. The extensive experiment is divided into a number of different phases. It simulates a 250-day outbound journey, a 30-day stay on Mars, and a 240-day return flight to Earth. Katadyn is happy to be involved in this very special experiment and wishes the cosmonauts a nice stay on Mars and a trouble-free flight home.

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