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Swiss extreme mountaineer and solo climber Ueli Steck on the Annapurna

April 04, 2011

Trek'n Eat expedition food

After his successful SPEED lecture tour across Switzerland, Swiss extreme mountaineer and solo climber Ueli Steck flew to Nepal at the end of February. He will spend a short time recovering and acclimatizing until mid-April, after which he plans to set up a new record on the South Face of the Shisha Pangma (alt. 8013 m). Shisha Pangma was scaled for the first time in 1964 by a Chinese team who ascended through the North Face – the last peak to be climbed among the total of fourteen that are higher then eight thousand meters. Now Steck intends to tackle the wall in the alpine style, which means without fixed ropes, bearers, and previously installed high-altitude camps. Ever in quest of new personal challenges, Steck has more than once pushed his limits. In order to reach the summit of the Shisha Pangma, he must once again rely one hundred percent on his own skills. For food on his Annapurna expedition, Ueli Steck will take along freeze-dried Trek’n Eat expedition food. Thanks to the low weight of the rations, their easy preparation, and their low fuel consumption, Trek’n Eat meals are highly popular with numerous mountaineers and expeditions. Follow Ueli Steck’s adventures on his website.

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