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Mike Horn: Pangaea Expedition 2008-2012

The South African adventurer Mike Horn plans to cover 100,000 kilometers in four years with his sailing boat “Pangaea.” Pangaea is the ancient Greek expression for “Whole World” and refers to the state of the earth 250 million years ago, before the individual continents drifted apart. The goal of this expedition is to cover the seven continents of our globe and all of its different features such as deserts, oceans, and polar landscapes without using any man-made power devices. As companions, Mike Horn wants young adventurers to accompany him to whom he can pass on his passion for discovering our planet. The Pangaea expedition is therefore governed by the philosophy “More respect for the environment and a sustainable future for our planet.”

The sailing boat "Pangaea" is equiped with a Katadyn PowerSurvivor 160E plus a PowerSurvivor 40E serving as a backup desalinator. A portable Katadyn Pocket water filter will supply the young explorers with safe drinking water wherever they are. In addition, Mike Horn has stocked over 50 kilograms of Trek’n Eat products, including 15 kilograms of Peronin Vanilla, for the first lap of his expedition. 

Learn more about this expedition on Mike Horn’s website.

The Young Explorers are filtering water with a Katadyn Pocket Filter in the wind cave in Munu-Borneo, Malaysia

Young Explorers with Katadyn Pocket Filter in the wind cave in Munu-Borneo, Malaysia