Katadyn Group

Yet another outstanding business result

July 14, 2010

Katadyn’s success continues unabated

In contrast to the general development of the global economy in 2009, which was marked by the financial crisis that started in the autumn of 2008, the Katadyn Group achieved yet another record result last year with sales of CHF 38.2 million and an operating profit of CHF 6.1 million. Katadyn has thus demonstrated its robustness in a difficult economic environment and benefited from its broad diversification in terms of products and customers.

Though the dynamism of the year 2008 leveled off, with sales growth reaching 2.7%, this is an outstanding business result in a difficult economic environment. Another factor that must be taken into account in this connection are the exchange rate losses due to the weakness of the U.S. dollar and euro.

The Swiss company benefited in 2009 once again from a large-scale order for Drip Filters from its Mexican partner. In collaboration with the government, needy families in the Chiapas region are being provided with these Katadyn water filters. In conjunction with additional, carefully matched measures, this will reduce the incidence of diseases and mortality rates in the population.

In the other subsidiaries, business developed along very diverse lines. The Asian market proved to be robust and returned to the path of growth as early as the 2nd quarter. In contrast, some massive declines were suffered in Europe. On the one hand, they are the result of the contracting OEM business, and on the other hand they were caused by a drop in sales revenue of the Katadyn Plastics segment of 40%.

The U.S. company was unable to fully continue its outstanding result of the record year 2008. Here, revenue contracted especially in the Marine segment, and this both in desalinator sales and in maintenance and repair services. On the other hand, the Outdoor Water Filter segment continued to be highly successful, in particular in the sub-segments of Emergency Provisions and in Internet Trading. Amazon advanced to the third-largest customer in the U.S. in 2009 and is addressing a new customer segment which so far could not be reached through the established Outdoor distribution channel.


Expectations and outlook

After a slow start into the year 2010, the Katadyn Group caught up in the 2nd quarter and is now on track to achieve a record result. Demand is sustainably high especially in the U.S. and is clearly exceeding expectations. In order to achieve the required output, the number of employees at Katadyn is higher than ever before. In addition, work hours have been increased. The greatest challenge remains capacity planning for the production site in Wallisellen-Zurich. In order to ensure supply readiness also in the future, Katadyn is investing in a new factory building in the greater Zurich area, with a doubled production area and new installations. The move is scheduled for 2012, and the Katadyn Group looks confidently to the future.

At the end of 2009, Katadyn acquired a major stake in Katadyn Industrial Water Treatment AG, which in turn took over the companies Aquafides Schweiz AG and UVC Light GmbH (Germany). This means that after almost ten years, Katadyn is now directly re-entering the communal and industrial water treatment market.

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