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Extreme cyclist Thomas Strebel relies on Peronin for Race Across America 2010

March 30, 2010

"For my previous long distance races, like the UMCA European Ultracycling Championship 2009 over 720 km and the One Week Gigathlon 2007, I have always been able to keep myself well-nourished using solid food or gels. However, by the end of the One Week Gigathlon I had lost my appetite for the various gels on offer. My next project is the Race Across America in 2010. The idea is to cycle approx. 4,800 km from the west to the east coast of the USA more or less non-stop. The only breaks from cycling will be for sleeping, and competitors must plan these individually. The maximum period allowed is 12 days. One big challenge is maintaining your energy levels. I found out about the liquid food Peronin by chance through a couple of athlete friends. It was also through them that I got a sample of the two flavours vanilla and chocolate. From hearsay, I had always got the impression that liquid food tastes bad. So I was very curious about Peronin. To my huge surprise, it tasted very good. I had no problems digesting it either prior to or during training. Moreover, it’s great that it can be carried in a water bottle. For me, it is also important that Peronin is available in the form of a powder, as I have to transport all material to the USA by air and so every kilo counts.

There’s no doubt about it: I will be using Peronin as my main source of nourishment during the Race Across America and to cover my daily energy requirements of up to 14,000 calories."

 Statement Peronin Thomas Strebel EN (35 kB)

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