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Trek'n Eat excels at the Transalpine Run 2009

September 24, 2009

Preparation of a freeze-dried Trek'n Eat menu

Preparation of a freeze-dried Trek'n Eat menu

The idea that the POLAR team presented to the 500 starters, the team from Plan B and the hungry exhibitors at this year’s Transalpine Run was an unusual one. Katadyn was brought on board as a partner. Its job was to satisfy the stage runners’ initial hunger with Trek ´n Eat freeze-dried meals. It is an established fact that too many cooks spoil the broth. One person is certainly enough when cooking Trek ‘n Eat meals and they don’t even have to be a cook. All that is needed for a full meal is a pot and hot water, as well as a kitchen utensil for stirring. The rest sorts itself. Whilst only limited attention was paid to the ready meals over the first two days, by the third day they had developed into an absolute winner. The meals were scarcely cooked before the dishes were torn from the hands of the event personnel from the POLAR team. Full-blown lines developed in front of the serving station, and it was impossible to accept "advance orders". Whether beef casserole, beef stroganoff, chili con carne, tomato soup or chocolate mousse, the trekking meals were gratefully received and highly praised by all parties. It's no wonder. After all, Trek ‘n Eat sticks to what it promises. The products are as quick and simple to prepare as any ordinary packaged soup and taste really outstanding. Meat tastes like meat, the mousse like a rich dessert, and no additional seasoning is required for the full meals. A glimpse at the composition of the meals reveals the reason for their success: 391 kcal and 54 grams of carbohydrates, 18 grams of protein and 11 grams of fat (beef casserole with noodles and beef) per 100 grams. So it’s no wonder that the Trek ´n Eat products were in high demand amongst hungry participants following individual stages and received outstanding feedback. Incidentally, the dried food is packaged in such a way that it is suitable for any expedition through snow and ice and, with a use-by date of around three years, meal plans can be designed flexibly at home. Trek ´n Eat meals are not only suitable for outdoor activities but also offer a real alternative to pizzas and microwave meals as "fast food" at home.

On soq.de, the German number one online magazine for the sports trade, you even find a video clip that shows you how to prepare a Trek'n Eat menu.

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