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Three Municipalities, One Canton, One UV Specialist

February 15, 2012

Recently, the Swiss Canton of Glarus merged its numerous scattered communes into three municipalities. Also the water supply organizations have been centralized and integrated in the new municipalities. The many former communes of the Canton operated UV systems that were supplied by a wide range of manufacturers. The water supply organizations of the three new municipalities therefore sought a central UV specialist to take care of their installations and to reliably carry out maintenance. Aquafides Schweiz AG is the sole company in Switzerland that is capable of carrying out maintenance on both its own and on third-party products. The confidence and the longtime customer relationship with the administrators of the three new water supply organizations of Glarus led to the signing of maintenance contracts with Aquafides Schweiz AG. Thus, almost 40 UV systems with about 200 UV radiators supplied by five different manufacturers are now being regularly maintained by Aquafides Schweiz AG throughout the Canton of Glarus.

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