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Katadyn sales team 24 hours in the saddles of their bikes

August 10, 2010

On August 7 – 8, 2010, members of the Peronin Cycling Team Antonio Brandi and Roger Walch took part for the second time in the 24-hour cycling race in Schötz. Supported by the Swiss top triathlete Marcel Kamm, the two covered a distance of 988 kilometers within 24 hours – which translates into an average speed of 41 kilometers per hour. With chances intact of making it to the winner’s rostrum, the team sped off for the final phase of the race, but were outdistanced in the last round but three due to a tire failure. Nonetheless, this year’s race was once again an unforgettable event, and Antonio and Roger plan to take up the 24-hour race challenge again in the year 2011.

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