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Ueli Steck: Success on Shisha Pangma

April 18, 2011

Ueli Steck with Trek'n Eat expedition food

We congratulate Ueli Steck on his success in climbing the Shisha Pangma! On Saturday, April 16, 2011, a favorable spell of weather allowed the Swiss mountaineer to set out at 10:30 p.m. in order to scale the 2000 meter high southwestern face of the Shisha Pangma (alt. 8027 m) in Tibet alone and within the shortest time possible. After ten hours and a half, he had ascended the 2000 vertical meters and was standing on his third peak over eight thousand meters early on Sunday morning. Less than twenty hours later, he was back at base camp at an altitude of 5800 meters. With his brilliant performance, Steck has successfully transferred his idea of “Speed” from the Swiss Alps to the Himalaya. He and his Canadian partner Don Bowie, who was forced to forgo climbing the Shisha due to a lack of acclimatization and for health reasons, are now continuing their expedition and will try to scale the Cho Oyu from the north. The Cho Oyu with an altitude of 8021 meters is the world’s sixth-highest summit.

For food on his expedition, Ueli Steck has taken along freeze-dried Trek’n Eat expedition food. Thanks to the low weight of the rations, their easy preparation, and their low fuel consumption, Trek’n Eat meals are highly popular with numerous mountaineers and expeditions.

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